The states listed below have annual reports due in the coming months. Don’t miss a deadline or you may be subject to hefty penalties and reinstatement fees!

• February 2 – North Dakota: Nonprofits (foreign and domestic)
• February 15 – Michigan: LLCs and PLLCs (foreign and domestic)

• March 1 – Delaware: Corporations (domestic)
• March 1 – Rhode Island: Corporations (foreign and domestic)
• March 1 – Nebraska: Corporations and PCs (foreign and domestic – biennially on even-numbered years)
• March 31 – Wisconsin: Corporations, nonprofits and LLCs (foreign)

• April 1 – Georgia: All entity types
• April 1 – New Hampshire: Corporations and LLCs (foreign and domestic)
• April 1 – North Dakota: LPs (foreign and domestic)
• April 15 – Montana: Corporations and LLCs (foreign and domestic)

Looking to centralize your annual report compliance and ensure you don’t miss a deadline? Enroll in our Managed Annual Report Services today! Give us a call at 888.272.3725 or email us at for more information.

We just received notice that the Delaware Secretary of State – Division of Corporations will be modifying its expedited cut-off times for today (Friday, January 22) in light of inclement weather and the potential need for early departure of its late shift. The modified expedite cut-off times are as follows:

· All 30-minute, priority 1 (one-hour service) and priority 2 (two-hour service) must be received by 4pm EST, all other cut-off times will remain unchanged.
· DCIS and Fax Gateway will be available until 10:30 pm for securing filing dates and times.

Please contact the Parasec Delaware office at 888.372.7273 if you have any questions.

The Massachusetts Secretary of State Corporations Division recently issued an update/clarification to its certificate issuing and backdating policy. The below information was provided to us by our friends at Precision Corporate Services, Inc.:

The long standing policy of the Corporations Division has been to backdate any issued certificate by one (1) business day to ensure complete accuracy of the public record. Please be advised this is the policy for all certificates requested. Therefore, if an entity files a document and requests a certificate reflecting information that would be contingent upon the filing of said document, the certificate will not be released until the next business day.

• For an LLC that files an annual report and requests a certificate of good standing on the same day, the certificate will not be released until the next business day.
• Any entity that files a formation or registration, will not be able to receive a certificate of existence or good standing until the next business day.
This change is not expected to affect issuance of certificates for which a same day filing has no bearing.

• If an entity is in legal existence prior to submission of a filing, and that filing has no affect on the entity name, status or any other info that would be presented in the requested certificate, then the certificate can still issue same day.

The backdating policy has always been in place. The change represented here is that most certificates can no longer be issued the same day a filing is made. Clients will need to be at least one step (day) ahead of the game in situations where a certificate is needed.

Prior to opening a business, a business name must be selected that is not already in use and it must then be registered. Fictitious business name (FBN) statements must be filed with the Los Angeles Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s Office. In the past, you could prepare your FBN Statement form half typed and half hand written, if you wanted to. This is no longer the case, and your document will now be rejected if you do this. You must pick either/or. If you decide to type your document, the only two areas where you can use a pen are the very top portion where it asks for “your return mailing address” and the section where it asks for your “Articles of Incorporation or Organization Number.” These two areas are circled on the below image, for your reference. Please give us a call at 888.672.7273 if you have any questions.


Los Angeles Fictitious Business Name Statement

Effective January 1, 2016, California Assembly Bill 557 (AB 557) authorized California public benefit, mutual benefit, and religious corporations to file a Short Form Certificate of Dissolution within 24 months of forming. Previously, there was no short form option available for nonprofit entities. AB 557 also provides the California Franchise Tax Board with the authority to administratively dissolve or surrender specific types of nonprofit corporations that have been suspended or forfeited for 48 consecutive months. For all of the specific details regarding AB 557, read the bill in its entirety here.

Each foreign corporation in the state of Nevada is required to publish a statement of its last year’s business in a Nevada newspaper pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute 80.190.

The law requires that the statement appear in two issues of a daily newspaper prior to the end of March or the third month following the close of the fiscal year for those not operating on a calendar year basis.

To assist your corporation in complying with Nevada law, Parasec can handle publication of the statement for you. Our fee is $84, which fulfills the requirement for publication and also includes an affidavit of publication.

Please follow this link to print out the required form (here). Please send to the Nevada Parasec office, the completed, signed form with a check for $84 payable to Parasec. Affidavit of publication will be sent to you following final publication.

Please call (888) 972-7273 if you have questions.

The Delaware Division of Corporations will be closed on Friday, September 4th through Monday, September 7th as they implement a new computer system. Nothing will be able to be filed, submitted or obtained during the closure. Recognizing the importance to customers of securing filing dates and times, corporate filings will qualify for the “extraordinary condition” for back dating; however, this will not apply to UCC filings. The state will reopen at 8am EST on Tuesday, September 8th. While the new system has undergone extensive testing, as with all major system conversions users should anticipate the possibility of delays associated with unanticipated bugs or connectivity problems that could arise. More information is available on the state’s website, here.


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